A Open-Source Full-Stack Solution For MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS) Applications.

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MERNjs is a full-stack JavaScript open-source solution, which provides a solid starting point for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS based applications. The idea is to solve the common issues with connecting those frameworks, build a robust framework to support daily development needs, and help developers use better practices while working with popular JavaScript components.

Before You Begin

Before you begin we recommend you read about the basic building blocks that assemble a MERNjs application:


Make sure you have installed all of the following prerequisites on your development machine:

Downloading MERNjs

Currently there is a single way you can get the MERNjs boilerplate:

Cloning The GitHub Repository

The recommended way to get MERNjs is to use git to directly clone the MERNjs repository:

$ git clone MERNjs

This will clone the latest version of the MERNjs repository to a MERNjs folder.

Running Your Application

To run your application follow this steps.

To install all dependencies
$ npm install
To start application
// build the application
$ npm run build

// start the application (without debug mode)
$ npm start
// start the application (with debug mode)
$ npm run debug
To live changes of application (not for production environment)
// live changes of client side
$ npm run live:client

// live changes of server side (without debug mode)
$ npm run live:server
// live changes of server side (with debug mode)
$ npm run live:server:debug

Note: Please make sure your MongoDB is running.

Your application should run on port 3000 with the default (development) environment configuration, so in your browser just go to for Client App, for Admin App & for RESTful APIs.

Default Admin User
Full Name:  Administrator
Password:   admin
Role:       Administrator


The MIT License